Travelling Donors

Travelling Donors

When you fill in your application form there is an option to donate in “all areas”. Should you select this option you will qualify to become one of our travelling donors. This means recipient families from all over the UK could choose you to become their donor.

You would need to travel to one of the major city centres: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth or Durban for your donation.

The highly experienced Grace Egg Donation Support Team will arrange all of your flights, transfers and accommodation, along with a daily allowance for the days you are away from home. You are not responsible for any of the costs when you are a travelling donor.

There will be 2 trips to the host city during the donation process.

Trip #1: Evaluation

For your evaluation trip you would normally fly into the city in the morning and fly out that evening. This trip is an initial medical and psychological evaluation. Should all go well, the donation will be planned for 6 to 8 weeks time.

Trip #2: Donation

The donation trip is a minimum of 10 days in which you will work with the fertility clinic to ready your body for the donation. Other than your appointments, keeping yourself well rested, safe and healthy, the rest of the time is yours!

Grace Egg Donation Agency works with the clinic to provide you with a doctors note for both trips to assist with University, and work requirements.

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